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  About Mast Lepley Storage Structures, Inc.

With many of our employees, and with over 30 years in the business, we bring quality craftsmanship and experience to build you the storage structure that will fit your needs. Whether it be an industrial or farm-type application, Mast-Lepley Storage Structures can help you manage your product with less waste — and with an economy of space used!

Concrete silos offer many cost saving features including: thick walls offering cooler temperatures during summer for sensitive material; protection against freezing during sudden plunges to sub-zero weather; less foot pad area covered on your property for maximum space usage; drier interior environment in oxygen-controlled silos saves fuel and field loss.

  Some of the types of poured concrete
storage structures built:
Wood Fuel Storage – for boiler applications
Aggregate – sand and gravel
Silage – corn and hay
Support Pedestals with multiple uses
... and many more

In the past – and presently – Mast-Lepley has
built concrete silos in the following states:

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