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Jump-form Construction
Jump-Form construction is engineered for the safe and economical building of concrete tanks and silos. The working platform and structure, with its radially telescoping desing, allows the construction of silos and pedestals of different diameters ( 16 ', 18 ', 20 ' , 24 ' , 26 ' , 30 ' ) and varying wall thickness.

Construction – Three courses of 4 ' high forms are used. The silo or pedestal is constructed by jumping and reseting the lower 4 ' course of forms on the top set forms to a position for concrete placement. After the walls are completed, the platform will then function as a working platform when construction the roof or any internal work. The Jump-form system is capable of construction silos for bulk storage and pedestals for elevated water tanks.

Once the walls are completed, the platform functions as a working area for the roof construction or internal work. The jump-form method of construction permits non-continuous work — so costly overtime, multiple-shift labor premiums, and night lighting can be eliminated.

Uses – This system is capable of constructing silos for the storage of all bulk materials, unloading tubes for bulk material stockpiling, water tanks, vertical shafts, and circular building cores.

With a jump-form constructed silo, the material an easily be filled and /or unloaded in a variety of methods. Some examples:

unloaders – in many forms
bucket elevators
pneumatic fill lines

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