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  Waste Management

Let Mast Lepley Storage take care of all your waste management needs. Built to your specification, solid poured concrete waste management tanks are an ideal way to get rid of your unwanted waste. Contact us now for a free quote !

Manure Storage – The cost of raising crops is increasing every year. One of the biggest reasons is the rapid increase in cost of purchasing fertilizer. Many dairy men are storing manure in storage tanks until fields are ready to be fertilized and plow under immediately with nutrients in-tact, thus saving money when purchasing fertilizer.

They agree that storing not only saves manure nutrients, but labor and tractor fuel required for daily hauling. It makes sense to turn a problem into a profit. Save as much of the nutrients produced by your livestock as possible, and in return save yourself money by reducing your costs of fertilizer. Make this the year you invest in a manure storage system by Mast-Lepley Storage Structures, Inc.

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