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  Drive-thru fillDrive Thru Fill Silos from Mast Lepley

Advantages of Concrete Silos:
  • Resistant to eccentric pressure
  • Better Support
  • Storage of hot and corrosive materials
  • Little upkeep
  • Long term storage
  • Maximizes space
  • Saves fuel and field loss
Materials Frequently Stored:
  • Wood Chips
  • Sawdust
  • Shavings
  • Fly Ash
  • Sand & Aggregates
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Coal
  • Grain
Because of the thickness of the concrete walls, properly reinforced walls are rigid and therefore resistant to eccentric pressures. Suction occurs on the roof and walls above the material level created by nonfree flowing materials that tend to bridge and collapse. Due to the fact that concrete walls are reinforced with rebar, a concrete silo will give more support than a steel silo. The thicker walls of a concrete silo offer cooler temperatures during sum-mer for sensitive material and protection against freezing during sudden plunges to sub-zero weather during the winter. If ground space is lim-ited a concrete silo is ideal for you. A concrete silo will enable you to hold volumes of material verti-cally with limited ground space.

Drive Thru Fill Silos from Mast Lepley

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