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  Farm Silos
One of the most important factors relating to profitability for most dairy farmers is forage quality.
Do not depend upon second-rate storage structures!

Before you purchase any silo, compare the many features of Mast – Lepley Storage Structures poured concrete silos. Our silos are built to last and have minimal maintenance. Let Mast – Lepley Storage Structures, Inc. take care of all of your storage needs!

Less drying
is needed with a Mast- Lepley oxygen controlled silo. In the case of storing grain crops, this saves fuel as well as field loss.

Cooler inside- Less Pressure Change:
The light color of the Poured concrete silo reflects sunlight about 2 ½ times better than a colored silo. The inside stays cooler in the summer with less pressure change. Silage is also less apt to freeze in a sudden plunge to sub-zero weather.

A much higher quality feed will result from your usual harvest when it is stored in an Oxygen Controlled Mast-Lepley Storage Structures silo. An automatic pressure valve limits the amount of oxygen that can enter the unit, thus keeping your feed fresh longer. This will assure better nourished stock in the future !


Solid concrete walls are strong to withstand heavy loads vertically and horizontal.
Our concrete wall of 4,000 p.s.i. air – entrained concrete has a low leak potential. Vertical and Horizontal steel is tied together with the concrete walls giving strength and stability to the structure. The steel within the wall is protected from silage acids and weather.

Our concrete walls have 780 times more heat resisting ability than steel, and 25 times more insulating power than steel.

Our walls are thicker and stronger than steel helping silage remain relatively at a constant temperature resisting freezing and heat damage, thus resulting in less spoilage giving you the best silage possible.

Many accessories are available such as wood doors, outside ladder, safety cage, chute, etc.

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